About us


VINTERIOR is one of India's upcoming turnkey solution firms specializing in Commercial, Retail and Residential projects Planning and Interior Design solution. Over the past 5 years the firm has established itself as a premier detail brand, and has successfully integrated itself into the fields of turnkey solution provider.

With this wide range in ability, VINTERIOR provides a set of holistic professional offerings to the client and end-user. The core competencies of VINTERIOR are based on the longstanding experience of our staff and our innovative work planning. The firm has designed and executed commercial and residential design works in diverse fields ranging from small town houses to extreme pocket design projects.


A vital aspect of aiming the success of any company involves articulating the vision, mission and critical success factors perceived by its leaders.

The professional background of the directors as well as their passion and commitment to their profession, are crucial ingredients for giving direction to the company. At VINTERIOR, the directors have provided the vision and the energy that has guided the company to it achieve its success and high standards.

Mr. Vaibhav.Chandrakant.Birwatkar
The founder and Director of VINTERIOR